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Spring Session:
11 weeks: March 6 - May 17

Celebrating 10 years!

Our 'udderly' original weekly  classes in English and Spanish will keep the whole family mooving to the Moozika!  Discover why NY Magazine has named us to the top 3 music classes in NYC.  Visit Moozika! TV for a taste of our program.

Going to miss classes due to travel?  I have a flexible make-up policy.

Email with any questions.



- Ft. Greene Park: Good weather above 50° is in the park on the main field by the playground.

- Long Island University's Kumble Theater: Rainy days or temps below 50° are indoors at 1 University Plaza (Rainy days in May will be made up on Monday or Tuesday mornings in the park.)

- Wednesday

    - 9:45 - 2 to 4yrs 

    - 10:45 - 1 to 2yrs

    - 11:45 - 0 to 1yr   

- Friday

    - 9:45 - 2 to 4yrs 

    - 10:45 - 1 to 2yrs 

    - 11:45 - 0 to 1yr   

Fort Greene


Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill

- Wednesday (Christ Church, 326 Clinton st.)

    - 3:30 - 0 to 2yrs  

    - 4:30 - 2 to 4yrs  

- Thursday (St. Paul's Church, 199 Carroll St.)

     - 9:30 - 2 to 4yrs

     - 10:30 - 1 to 2yrs

     - 11:30 - 0 to 1yr  

* Does your little one's schedule not line up with ours?

  Email and we can work it out!

Common Questions

How long are classes?

- 40 minutes

How many weekly classes are included in my enrollment?

- One weekly class

Do I have to enroll in one particular class or can I come to any?

- I ask that folks sign up for one class time.  However, I'm very flexible if you ever need to come to a different class some weeks.

What if I miss a class?

- Email the director to schedule a make-up class during the session or if you join for the following semester you can  add it on to the next session as an extra class.

Can I only join for the outdoor part of Ft. Greene classes?

- You're welcome to join for the full semester and come to two classes a week when we're consistently outside.

For Ft. Greene classes, how do I know if class will be outdoors or indoors?

- Good weather above 50° is outside in Ft. Greene Park in the main field by the playground.

- Rainy days or temps below 50° are indoors at Long Island University's Kumble Theater, 1 University Plaza(Rainy days in May will be made up on Monday or Tuesday mornings in the park.)

- Jesse will email everyone the day before class to confirm the location.

What is the youngest a baby should start classes?

- It totally depends on each child! I've had babies begin as young as two months and gain great benefits from class.  My recommendation is to try out class with your little one to see what makes sense for them.

What are your Covid safety protocols?

- Indoor classes are in large well ventilated buildings with plenty of room for participants.

- Anyone sick should avoid coming to class and take advantage of our flexible make-up policy.

- Everyone with Covid should strictly follow CDC quarantine guidelines.

- If there is a significant spike in Covid or other respiratory illnesses, masking for adults may be required for indoor classes.

- In the event of the teacher getting sick, class will be moved online.

General Policies

- Trials: Join a trial any time.  If you end up joining for the session, your first class will be included in your session fee.  Otherwise, there's no charge for the trial. 


- Make-up Classes: Attend any regularly scheduled class during your session for a make up.  If you join for the following semester, you're also welcome to roll over make-ups to the following semester as extra classes.

- Pro-rate: A limited number of pro-rated spots are available.  Pro-rated sessions begin from the first class that you attend.

- Financial Aid: A limited number of spots are available to those in need.

- Refund:  If you decide not to continue on within the first week of participating in the session, we can offer you a refund for the remaining weeks. Otherwise, there are no refunds or credits towards future sessions.

- Late Payment:  There's a $25 fee for late payments.  Please pay for sessions within a week of registering and for parties the day of the party.  Thanks so much.



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