Spring Session: Outdoor + Remote

12 weeks: March 17 - June 4

During this topsy-turvy time, we need music and ways to come together safely in community more than ever.  Our 'udderly' original weekly  classes in English and Spanish will keep the whole family mooving to the Moozika!  Discover why NY Magazine has named us to the top 3 music classes in NYC.  Visit Moozika! TV for a taste of our program.

I'm offering two options for the spring:

- Outdoor classes in person

- Remote only


Fort Greene

Trilok School yard, 143 Waverly ave.

- Wednesday

     - 9:30 - 2 - 4 yrs (Full)

      - 10:15 - 1 - 2 yrs (Full)

      - 11:00 - 0 - 2 yrs (Full)

- Thursday

     - 3:30 - 0 - 2 yrs

      - 4:15 - 2 - 4 yrs (Full)

Outdoor Classes

Carroll Gardens

Carroll Park, btwn Smith and Carroll

- Wednesday 4:30 - 2 - 4 yrs

- Thursday

     - 9:15 - 1 - 3 yrs

     - 10:00 - 2 - 4 yrs

      10:45 - 1 - 2 yrs


- Friday 11:15 - 0 - 2 yrs


IMG_7794 2.jpg

Trilok School yard in Fort Greene

* Does your little one's schedule not line up with ours?

  Email Jesse@Moozika.com and we'll do our best to work it out!

How long are classes?

- 40 minutes once a week in person

What safety precautions will be taken?

- Social distancing and mask wearing required

- Small groups (10-15 kids)

- Anyone that's sick should avoid coming to class

- BYOI - Bring your own instruments to class.  Any instruments that are shared are thoroughly sanitized and left unused by any other students for at least a week.

- Teacher uses a special mask made for singers that captures droplets and aerosols.

- In the event of the state shutting down outdoor activities because of Covid in NYC, classes will be moved remotely.

What happens if it rains?

- 25-minute remote sessions for rainy, snowy, or bitterly cold days

- If your child really doesn't do well with remote classes reach out to Jesse about the option of making up those classes in person during the session or in the summer session.

Is there stroller parking?

- Yes!  There's plenty of space in the yard for strollers.

What if I miss a class?

- You're welcome to make up any missed classes at the times listed below for the remote classes or  an outdoor class.

Remote Session (times are EST)

- 25 minute class once a week

- Small groups of up to 12 families

- Unlimited make-up classes

- Wednesday 3:45 - 0 - 4 yrs

- Friday

     - 9:30 - 2 - 4 yrs

      - 10:30 - 1 - 4 yrs


* Does your little one's schedule not line up with ours?

  Email Jesse@Moozika.com and we'll do our best to work it out!


We're very happy with the online classes! Jesse's class is by far the best that my son's done on Zoom (vs his preschool or play dates in the past). Odin particularly loves all of Jesse's songs where he gets to pretend to do something; cook soup, make a milkshake, or wash his hands.

- Jennefer G, mama of Odin (3 years old)

Class Logistics

- Free Trials: Sign up for a free trial anytime while our classes are in session.


- Make-up Classes: Join another regularly scheduled class if you miss your weekly class.

- Refund:  If you decide not to continue on within the first two weeks of the session, I can offer you a full refund for the remaining weeks.  Otherwise, partial refunds may be available on a case by case basis.