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Winter Session:
11 weeks: Nov. 30 - Dec. 17 and Jan. 11 - March 3

During these shifting times we need music and ways to come together safely in community more than ever.  Our 'udderly' original weekly  classes in English and Spanish will keep the whole family mooving to the Moozika!  Discover why NY Magazine has named us to the top 3 music classes in NYC.  Visit Moozika! TV for a taste of our program.




- Ft. Greene Clinton Hill Playgroup, 85 South Oxford st.

- Ft. Greene Park on warm days 50° and up

Class Times:

- Wednesday

    - 9:30 - 2 to 4yrs

    - 10:30 - 1 to 2yrs 

    - 11:30 - 0 to 1yr    

- Friday

    - 9:30 - 2 to 4yrs 

    - 10:30 - 1 to 2yrs 

    - 11:30 - 0 to 1yr  

Fort Greene


Carroll Gardens


- Brooklearn, 380 Court st.

- Carroll Park on warm days 50° and up

Class Times:

- Wednesday

    - 3:30 - 0 to 2yrs  

    - 4:30 - 2 to 4yrs

- Thursday

     - 9:30 - 2 to 4yrs

     - 10:30 - 1 to 2yrs

     - 11:30 - 0 to 1yr 

* Does your little one's schedule not line up with ours?

  Email and we can work it out!

Common Questions

How long are classes?

- 40 minutes

How many weekly classes are included in my enrollment?

- One weekly class

What safety precautions are taken for indoors?

- Vaccination:

- Teacher is fully vaccinated for Covid and flu and tests regularly for Covid.

- Grown-ups required to be fully vaccinated for Covid and encouraged for flu.

- Children are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated for Covid and flu.

- Masking:

- Adult mask requirement (at least surgical grade)

- Ventilation:

- Fort Greene Clinton Hill Playgroup is a huge space of around 2000 ft.² with 30 ft. ceilings and air filters and outdoor air flow.

- Brooklearn has updated HVAC filtration system, Carrier model single phase five ton air handlers, and outdoor air flow.

- Outdoor classes on good weather days to reduce exposure.

- Occupancy is limited to safe levels depending on the size of the classroom. 

- Sickness:

- Avoid coming to class with any signs of sickness. We have a flexible make-up policy to accommodate missed classes.

- Positive Covid-19 cases:

- Students and grown-ups accompanying them positive:

- Follow standard CDC guidelines for quarantining

- Inform the instructor if positive test is within a few days of attending class

- Instructor will inform the class of possible exposure and everyone should follow below exposure guidelines before returning to class.

- Teacher positive:

- Class will move to Zoom for that period of time of the quarantine.

- Covid-19 Exposure:

- If child or grown-up accompanying child has been exposed to Covid, closely monitor symptoms.  In these cases, you're strongly encouraged to test on the day of returning to class as well as have children 2 and up wear a mask.

- Enhanced cleaning:

- Instruments provided in class are thoroughly sanitized between uses.

- Sanitizing children's hands upon arriving to class as well as before and after using instruments is strongly encouraged.

- Bringing your own instruments to class is also encouraged.

- Back-up plans:

- We closely follow Covid, flu, and RSV developments as well as DOH and CDC guidelines. If case numbers dramatically increase, we will take the following steps:

- Step 1:  Classes outdoors at 45°, kids 2 and up required to wear masks indoors

- Step 2: Classes outdoors at 40°, kids 2 and up required to wear masks indoors

- Step 3: Classes always outdoors or Zoom if weather doesn't permit

What if I miss a class?

- Email the director to schedule a make-up class either during the winter or the spring session - up to 4 missed classes.

- Add on missed classes to the spring session as additional classes.

- If you join for spring, you'd be able to attend two classes a week to make up for missed classes.  Just to clarify, this means adding a class to the next session rather than subtracting it from your next session's registration tuition.

- If you don't join for the following session, you can also attend make-ups for $15/class the following session.

What is the youngest a baby should start classes?

- It totally depends on each child! I've had babies begin as young as two months and gain great benefits from class.  My recommendation is to try out class with your little one to see what makes sense for them.

Class Logistics

- Trials: Join a trial any time.  If you end up joining for the session, your first class will be included in your session fee.  Otherwise, there's no charge for the trial. 


- Make-up Classes: Contact instructor about availability during session or for rolling over make-ups to the following season.

- Pro-rate: A limited number of pro-rated spots are available.  Pro-rated sessions begin from the first class that you attend.

- Financial Aid: A limited number of spots are available to those in need.

- Refund:  If you decide not to continue on within the first week of the session, we can offer you a partial refund for the remaining weeks. Otherwise, there are no refunds or credits towards future sessions.



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