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What is Moozika?

                is an 'udderly' original family music program that's goal is to nurture a more enlivened world where music inspires all children and their grown-ups to love, play, and grow.


               classes for newborns to five years old and their grown-ups are hoof-stomping fun for the whole family!  Our lively classes promote children’s musicality and development through singing, dancing, and playing instruments (shakers, bells, drums, and more.)


               classes moove through a dynamic mix of playful all original songs written by its founder and teacher, Jesse Goldman. Puppets, a giant parachute, dancing scarves, and many other props create a joyful and age-appropriate learning environment. Additionally, children and their grown-ups have the opportunity to learn a number of original songs in Spanish along the way.


               classes are taught with an ethos of love, play, and gentleness.



Celebrating 10 years!

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